Anonymous asked: Are you stopping using this blog?

Unfortunately, I graduated in December and should now focus on trying to be an adult and do adult stuff like get a job. I would love to pass along the blog and url to someone else but I don’t know how to do that, given that I have other blogs attached to this email… If anyone knows of a way of making this possible tho, please let me know!

Anonymous asked: how would you describe the students in emerson? are they nice?

Although there is the stereotype that the majority of Emersonians are cigarette-smoking, slightly pretentious, bisexual hipsters, this proved to be less true than I expected. At Emerson, you will attract those who are similar to you. It’s that simple. I have met people who do fit that stereotypical description but then again, I have also met the complete opposite. Emerson is a giant hodgepodge of personalities and interests. From the highly-dedicated VMA film majors who spend weekends doing shoots, to the international crowd that basically lives at the nearby clubs  and those who at first feel out of place because they don’t know who Wes Anderson, Kevin Bright or Bon Iver are, there is definitely a variety in the student population. The one thing I can say that is common of at least 97% of the Emerson students is that everyone is incredibly passionate about something. Whether it’s film, tv, marketing, theatre, etc. there is always something driving Emersonians which makes them the most dedicated group of people I have ever encountered. It’s definitely a school of doers and people with strong opinions. People will be nice, as long as you are nice.

Anonymous asked: I'm applying to Emerson... what kind of students, are they looking for? High Grades? Extra Curricular? Passion? etc. My SAT wasn't that great but do you think I will have a chance to get in?

Before I answer, I just want to make it clear that I am in no way qualified to actually answer this.

That being said, Emerson students are usually described as “artsy” and “different.” The type of student that follows the beat of their own drum. Taking my friends and classmates into consideration, I would say Emerson is interested most in extra curriculars and “passion”. Yeah, good grades can never hurt but make sure you have a great essay and show you have interests that drive you. Once here, everyone’s very competitive and many (if not most) are amazing at what they do. You’re more likely to find an Emersonian at a film shoot on a weekend rather than a party. (It’s all what you make of it, really) but although I can’t say whether I think you can/cannot get in; I would definitely say apply regardless. 

Although Emerson has it’s ups and downs, it’s definitely given me the best four years of my life.